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The first session is an Assessment where we aim to reach an understanding of what your particular difficulties are. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about therapy and form your own opinion of whether you would like to work with me. 


Sessions are 50 minutes long, and typically we will meet on a weekly basis, at the same time and day. It is hard to give an exact estimate of how many sessions will be required, and we can either agree to work for a fixed number and then review, or work from the beginning on an open-ended basis. In both cases there will be regular reviews of how you feel you are progressing. 


Depending on your preference we can use a mixture of talking or creative therapies.

My session fee is £75 (London) and £50 (nr Shaftesbury). Concessions are sometimes available.

For further information or to arrange a session email or call me on 07834 855462.

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